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1971  BAFC's First Team and Officials

In no particular order: Percy Baker, Mel Cook, Dennis Cotterill, Ian Gordon, John Kerr, Brett Martin, Keith McConville, Russ McDonald, Jack McWhae, Gary McWhea, Kevin Neilson, Steve Palmer, Jake Rebecchi, Brian Spence, John Stone, David Stones, Jim Stubbs, Bob Thomas and John Traill

 Round 1 1972

"What a great day of FIRSTS for the Cats"

"FIRST ever win of all time. First win was against Labrador who were the FIRST team in 1970 Grand Final and they were the FIRST team the Cats met in their very FIRST game in their very FIRST year in the Gold Coast League.

FIRST time the Cats have fielded a full reserve side. It surely was history making for the Cats. Their staunch spectators and supporters are still walking on air after the ordeal. Commiserations to Labrador. (Ed: Labrador was the sponsor club for the Cats) Little Bobby Selwood really burned. His performance was magnificent. Geoff Burgin must have worn his boots out with the kicks he made when turning the tide against the Tigers when attacking. Kevin Nielsen's marks at full back; Bret Martin continuing with a broken nose; Dennis Cottrell getting his eye in after a long absence; Tommy Rosengreen flying through and clearing in the last quarter; John Ewans steadying them down; Ron Derrick with beautiful intelligent football; Iron Man Bob Thomas in the centre - the story could go on and on but that is the spirit of the Cats. You notched up your FIRST.

Congratulations Ted Harcourt. Your FIRST in fielding a Reserve team of Broadbeach boys is further progress. The Seniors have known the taste of defeat fellows, but build with the help of your Captain Coach and you will soon savour the taste of a win."


First Game at a Home

Further, Jimmy Stubbs records in his journal for 1972 "...our FIRST game at our home ground (Ed: then at Paradise Point!) was played against Southport in May 1972. There were no change rooms available so tents would be erected on game days. club rooms were opened by the Mayor on the 4th of July. This was to the year of the Cats. A home ground and new clubrooms, a new coach, competitive teams in both senior and reserve grades plus a strong committee...The FIRST step with the FIRST win was almost like winning a Grand Final. Celebrations were huge."

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