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BROADBEACH have been handed out our first defeat for the season. Redland - Victoria Point beat the Cats by 14 points at Subaru Oval. All credit to Redland, who took the most of their opportunities. The Cats errors by foot and hand proved costly, with Redland applying scoreboard pressure. Trailing by 16 points at 3/4 QTR time, the Cats came out and kicked the first 2 of the last reducing the margin to just 4 points thanks to goals from MONCRIEFF and SHEERS. We had 2 further set shot opportunities but failed to convert before Redland kicked away. Small forward Nick BURTON kicked his third goal late in the last providing us with some hope but that hope was crushed when the ball for the 5th/6th time of the day didn't bounce our way and gifted Redland the sealer from the goal square. A day to learn from for our ladder leaders, the boys at times over handballing and lacking penetration in their kicks which turned the ball over to the Sharks. MONCRIEFF kicked another 3 goals and tried hard all day being out teamed. GLEDHILL was great down back and late addition to the team TAYLOR was gallant all day.


REDLAND VP 14.6.90

Goal Kickers: N. Burton 3, J. Moncrieff 3, R. Winter 2, K. Sheers, T. Armitage, S. Jasper

Best Players: N. Burton, J. Moncrieff, J. Gledhill, B. Taylor, F. Brown, M. Lowe

The reserves team had a great 3 goal win over RVP. Daniel GROSE was the match winner booting 6 goals in a BOG performance. Dylan LANCASTER and Jai LYONS continue to push their case for senior selection as does SUNS Academy member Austin HARRIS. The colts had a massive percentage boosting victory with Harry TONKS kicking 6 goals. The Women's had a massive win over Burleigh on their home turf solidifying themselves in the top 5. The 8 point victory was well supported by best on ground Sophie BALCOMBE. The reserves women's side had a nail biting 2 point victory which was their first for the season. Great work Coach Nick and the playing group for their persistence thus far.


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