1996 Triple Premiership commemorative stubbie holders now available for $5 at the clubrooms. They feature a styliised premiers poster and Scores, Goals and Best for each of the Seniors, Reserves and Colts games.


It's all happening at the Broadbeach Sports Club. Make it responsible.


How good is this?


Click on Why play anywhere else? (Juchey Productions)


A Ray of Joy on the right and Hot Dog Stan.


Long time between drinks.


The 'Big Prize' at the Presentation Night. See below for a full report and click here for not so professional photos

What The?

We are looking for Board of Mgt members for 2017. Click here and read carefully, and at least twice, then put your hand up to be one of the boys in the back room. BA is planning an assault in '17; get in behind him.

Besides supplements there must be money in them there hills surrounding Windy Hill. The EDL has set its Premier Division salary cap at $250,000, $200,000 for Division 1 and $150,000 for Division 2. Whereas the QAFL ranges from $Labrador to amateur (the latter is also known as the $Josh Searl)

Click here and here for possible answers and here for definite confusion on the whys and wherefores of footy club existentialism.

Andrew Boston
Daniel Charlesworth
Blake Grewar
Jack Rolls
Max Spencer

You read it first on this page Sept 20, 2016.
"In a massive trade period bombshell, Hawk Sam Mitchell is poised to leave Hawthorn and join West Coast. After murmurs of Mitchell speaking to the Eagles, the Hawk rang Melbourne radio on Wednesday morning and confirmed he may leave the club where he has won four premierships as he looks to the next phase of his career." (Herald Sun Oct 12, 2016)

Try this bloke. Click here

Fair company for Tink. For full list of AFL player ratings click here.

Top Ten: Overall





1 Patrick Dangerfield GEEL  Midfielder
2 Josh P. Kennedy SYD  Midfielder
3 Robbie Gray PORT Midfielder/Forward
4 Scott Pendlebury COLL  Midfielder
5 Marcus Bontempelli WB  Midfielder
6 Todd Goldstein NMFC  Ruck
7 Nic Naitanui WCE  Ruck
8 Rory Sloane ADEL  Midfielder
9 Cyril Rioli HAW  Small/Medium Forward
10 Dayne Zorko BL  Midfielder/Forward

'Doc' and Plugga have been busy. A third prodigal son has returned. Jarred Ellis, who came to Broady via the NSW under 15 state side, and entered elite ranks via the Gold Coast Academy, has signed with us for 2017. Welcome back. Jarred played TAC Cup footy in 2012 and games for both the SUNs and Broadbeach in the NEAFL 2013. He went to the SUNS at pick #63 in the Rookie Draft for 2014, was delisted 2015 and became  "...a key inclusion..." in the 2016 Richmond VFL squad.  There are more coming aboard, both players and off-field personnel, prodigal sons and new blood. Watch and wait.

#36 Ryan Dienjes (Broadbeach)

Big game player who loves playing top sides. Handy on baller with strong evasive skills, can be just as damaging at half forward as he is steady down back. Although he started the year off with some strong performances against quality opposition, Dienjes didn’t have the most consistent year but his best is right up there. Got a damaging right boot that opens up games as well.
#46 Josh Searl (Broadbeach)

The Broadbeach Best and Fairest winner was the go to in the middle this year. When he played well, the Cats played well. He set the tone in the guts, was the mature head around stoppages, and made sure it started with him.

That's it! They did a Broadbeach '96 and won the Ones, Magoos and Women's flags.
Ray and Stan, bucket list ticked.

You may well ask. Click here and note a face that we think played in our ressies this year.

A bloke arriving for the Big Dance is surprised to find the seat beside his empty. So he says to the fella on the other side of the seat: "Excuse me, do you know why there is no one in this seat?"
"It was my wife's," he answered, a touch wistfully, "but I'm afraid she died."
"Oh, that's not too flash. I'm sorry to hear that."
"Yeh, she never missed a game."
"But couldn't you have given the ticket to a friend or relative?"
"No mate. They're all at the funeral."

It would take a COMMITTEE to to design a COMETTI. Click here

Tim Searl has pointed out an error in the Presentation Night report. Kwabena Boakye is not one of the PNG lads but originally from Melbourne via Nth QLD and  played the last 2 games in the reserves when he moved to the Gold Coast to link into the Suns Academy program for 2017 (and we think has been snapped up for the NAB national academy). Thanks Tim.

Click here

In 2005 the Bloods broke the longest drought (1933-2005:72 years) for an AFL/VFL flag. We reckon the Scraggers should forget this week and set themselves to equal, or better yet, break the record by waiting another 11 years.

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26 votes tied with Luke Parker. That's 19 to St Nick, 5 to Tink, and 2 to Lachie Weller

The football department has upped the ante for 2017 recruitment and as a taster, welcome back past players Luke Shreeve and Mitch Brewer.  Luke, a Broadbeach junior, was an original Gold Coast SUNs player, before compiling 51 classy games in the midfield for the seniors and then crossing to the Darkside to continue at NEAFL level. Mitch, originally recruited from Cooly late 2010, has amassed 54 games at Broady (same as his old number we think), during which time he was chased by a couple of Melbourne based AFL clubs. He too elected to play on in the NEAFL at the Darkside. A clever ruckman and around the ground field marshall Mitchy is jumping out of his skin and will more than likely bolster the forward line - we're thinking 50 goals minimum - with the odd run on the ball.  You can take the boy out of Broady but he you can't take the Broady out of the boy. Welcome back Luke and Mitch.
And if Doc Andrews has any sort of silver tongue, and he does as evidenced by his tour de force performance on presentation night, Taylor Haley will be on the coaching staff?

Congratulations are in order to The Hawk, Harry Kerr and Dylan Lancaster who have been invited to do a pre-season at the Darkside. All the best for success. Our training kicks off week commencing Monday 28th November and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday thereafter until the Chrsitmas break. Fridays will feature drinks and a meal post training. Venues will be notified.
Simply compulsory for would be for all open age and aspiring senior players.

If the GWS gets up tonight hit up Al Lawson who took a $50 Sydney v GWS Grand Final at 200/1.  Or Ray Johnson who will be on the back of the Doggies tonight at $3.30

The 2016 Broadbeach Football Club Media Award, the 'Merrimac Eye' goes to to co-winners Ash 'Scoop' Wollerman and Jaran  'JucheyProductions' Pantic. Ash played some 140 club games over at least a decade retiring in 1992. And his Mum was there or thereabouts in the top 8 of the tipping comp all this season - a great pedigree. 'Scoop' has consistently supplied quality information, gossip, analysis and leads that puts the historic Cats Whisper, and the various club Facebook/Websites to shame.  Long may he contine.
'JucheyProductions' have equalled the form of  'Scoop' in visuals. His particular Game of Drones was incorporated into a series of movie clips and stills that gave credence to the amateur status of club communication. Having retired this year after 105 QAFL games, he should have more time to lift our game next season.
Special mention also goes to Adriana who is responsible for the 'pdfs' that adorn the club digital media informing us all of the various functions and events. They have added class and dignity to what can be a rabble at times. We hope you and Mr Rolfe continue your dream run at the Cattery and your pdf flyers continue to be bling for our eyes.
We thank them all for their outstanding efforts.
A distant runner-up to the co-winners was Al 'GWS' Lawson. 'GWS' has not only deserted the the Tiges but also found time to fill up our email inbox on regular occasions with plagiarised material, and provided the odd tip re sometimes relevant tidbits. Well done you too Al.

Click here and here (Thanks Ash)

It appears the QAFL have restructured senior football with minimal consultation of senior clubs. As of next year the age groups for the Juniors will revert to even ages and the under 18s will be included in the Junior remit, or should be if that age group structure is established. The Colts will be disbanded. This is a retrograde step for our football club and notice is given that the senior club will vehemently oppose the restructure. As far as we can ascertain, not one Coast club is happy with the move which might be seen to be pandering to some influential city club(s). Got to wonder sometimes what's going on inside the QAFL.


2016 QAFL, QWAFL and Colts Games

Current Seniors Ladder

Current QWAFA Ladder

Current Reserves Ladder

Current Colts Ladder

RESULTS: See QAFL results link above masthead for all results. Click on link, then click RESULTS for Seniors, Reserves, QWAFA or Colts

2016 Fixtures
Click here for QAFL Fixture and here for Broadbeach games.

Click here for QWAFA Fixture

Click here for Colts Fixture
Click here for Colts Finals Fixture

A new format for a new clubhouse.  Semi formal dress code for a sit down two course meal with vote counts displayed on all screens throughout the club.  Has to be declared a success: appropriate increased gravitas and demeanor for arguably the most important occasion of the year. Highlight of the dress code was Quickie’s cuff links – they stood out among the compliant and other quarter formally attired. We’re thinking a build up to a formal blockbuster over the coming years.  Another change in culture? And maybe a more entertaining MC?
Vote Counts

B&F votes were allocated by 3 persons each game on a 5 to 1 basis.  Other awards were voted by team coaches on a 3, 2, 1 basis.

Congratulations to Josh Searl who picked up his second B&F with 94 votes from 9 games, followed by the big fella Brayde Palmer on 73 in 7 games.  That’s a mean of 10+ for both players in their high performance games. Both played a total of 17 for the season. Josh bided his time by first polling in the 7th round and came home with a wet sail missing the judges eyes on only three more occasions. It should be mentioned that Josh plays the game for the love of it and his club of 20 years. The leaderboard reads Searly, Bradye, the Hawk, the Dienjes Brothers with Ryan ahead of Darcy by one vote, Quickie, Harry Kerr, Nicky Upton, Jason Sharp and tied for tenth was a couplet of U/17 Connor Nutting and Colt Dylan Lancaster, who incidentally figured in the Colt's top ten..  The Hawk, Brandon Chadwick polled in the most games (13). Thirty six players polled votes!
Best And Fairest (John Stubbs Memorial Medal):
Joshua Searl
Runner up Best And Fairest:
Brayde Palmer
Most Consistent:
Brandon Chadwick
Rising Star:
Connor Nutting
Most Professional:
Nathan Quick  (third time)
Best First Year Player:
Harrison Kerr
Best Club Man:
Matthew Spencer
The Dane Zorko Cats Claw:
Brandon Chadwick
QAFL Team of the Year: Nathan Quick
Goalkicker: Harrison Kerr 36 in 12 games.

In the ultimate game of the season, Kingy was adjudged BOG by all three casting votes and came from third behind Luke O’Rourke and Sam Price to finish first by 5 votes. He polled 64 votes in seven (the most of any player) of his ten games. Time to do it in the Ones Kingy. Behind Runner-up Luke O’Rourke on 59 came Sam Price, Jaran Pantic, The Bus, then a couple of Colts in James Pecotich and Jacob McCormick, Finny, Connor Mullins and to round out the top ten, Kwabena Boakye, originally from Melbourne via Nth QLD, who played the last 2 reserves games when he moved to the Gold Coast to link into the Suns Academy program for 2017 (and we think has been snapped up for the NAB national academy). Worthy of mention is the high performance level by Pecotich and Price  who averaged 13+ and 14+ respectively in their polling games. Fifty six players polled votes!!
Best And Fairest (Harry Kennan Memorial Medal):
David King
Runner up Best And Fairest:
Luke O’Rourke
Most Consistent:
Dylan Chadwick (to make it a brotherly affair)
Goalkicker: Luke O’Rourke 25

The Colts had a great year and maybe with some hindsight, should’ve gone on to the Big Dance but for 11 of ‘em notching games in the Ones according to our count and who knows how many in the Magoos. Jack O’Shea, Liam Nelson, Bailey Wallace, and James Pecotich played in all three grades with Jack polling votes in all three!  Not to mention one under 17 player, Matt Smith who ‘played up’ in the Colts, Magoos and Ones almost in successive weeks and received his just reward as a premiership player in the U/17s Div 1 side.  Most senior appearances were Dylan Lancaster  (12), with Jack not far behind on (10).
Max Gamble had a comfortable win on 96 votes earned in 11 of the 13 games he played. (His family also won the giant Toblerone) Like Josh, Max was a late starter polling his first votes in round 5. Runner-up on 78 votes and equal 5th in the competition – that’s 18 teams – was Hayden Carthew-Zimmer. Mitch Madeley, Ben Henderson who also polled in 11 games, Dylan Lancaster, Micah Fitzsimmons, Jack O’Shea, Matt Smith, Jack Mitchell and Sam Bensley completed the top ten. Thirty one players polled votes!
Best And Fairest: Max Gambell
Runner Up Best And Fairest:
Hayden Carthew-Zimmer
Most Consistent:
Ben Henderson
Most Improved:
Sam Bensley
Most Determined:
Mitchell Madeley
Goalkicker: Hayden Carthew-Zimmer 19

Other Awards
Simon Littlechild Club Person Of The Year: Nathan Hobley
Nathan responded to an advertisement for helpers this year. In the same manner as Simon, what he hasn’t done is not worth mentioning, including donning the boots in the Magoos. A fantastic servant of the club and we can only hope his girlfriend and studies free him up for seasons to come.

100 Broadbeach Seniors games: Josh Searl
150 QAFL Senior games: Ryan Dienjes (86 at Broadbeach)
100 QAFL  Senior games: Jaran Pantic (42 at Broadbeach)

Rep Teams
Under 17 Qld Rep Team: Connor Nutting and Joel Platell
Under 18 Qld Rep Team: Jesse Essam, Kai Sheers

Father & Son B&F: Tim and Josh Searl  95 votes
Runner-up Father & Son: Peter and Harrison Kerr  36 votes

The inaugural B&F for the Women’s team was a runaway victory for the skipper Holy Mirfield on 111 votes earned in 11 games of 13 played. Unfortunately Holly was misbehaving in NZ on the night and we unable to post a photo. Runner-up was Gemma Turnley on 83 in 8 games. Both girls averaged 10+ in their high performance games. In order the next 8 were Wendy Bristow, Keeley McClelland, Kiarna Harris, Toni Marsh, Lilly Gross, Danni Davis, Matilda Daniels and Rhea Lotter.  Seventeen players earned votes.
Best And Fairest: Holly Mirfield
Runner Up Best And Fairest:
Gemma Turnley
Most Consistent:
Wendy Bristow
Most Improved:
Matilda Daniels
Most Determined:
Keeley McClelland
Rhea Lotter 13

Congratualtions to all! Click here for not so professional photos but enhanced and de-red eyed.

Click here for For Season archive of Teams and Results

Memberships, Menu, Events and Specials

The Broadbeach Sports Club is celebrating its many changes over the past few months.
The impressive club offers a great new menu, expansive space that will treat sports fans to an unprecedented viewing experience. Featuring new TV`s everywhere you look and QTAB in the form of UBET.
Entertainment and dancing are part of the party plan at the sports bar and bistro too. Live music, karaoke, happy hour, lots of sportsman’s lunches and dinners also a great place to celebrate your birthday, work function or Christmas party.

“We are very excited about this new look concept to the club “says new General Manager Craig Devonport.

“We’ve created a venue that appeals to a diverse crowd including family’s, Sports fans, music enthusiasts and food lovers. We offer an upscale atmosphere with very moderate menu and bar prices. The new menu has a range of temping new dishes in addition we have daily meal specials”

“We will also be hosting many sports related and community based events.

When it comes to the live sporting action The Broadbeach Sports Club has it covered”


After 25 years on the Gold Coast Mario’s Italian Restaurant has now opened up a second restaurant Mario’s Bistro right here at the Broadbeach Sports Club! They will be open 7 days a week from 4:30pm and Saturday/Sunday lunches starting from 12pm. Come and join us to enjoy some of the best Italian food Broadbeach has to offer. Book your table today on (07) 5572 3255.



From Near and Far

Sealy 100
Click here

Perko, what you didn't know.
Click here

Fults, 637 and the past
Noticed the Bully hopped on Fults re his Robina comeback. Reminded us of the day he went in front of Ray Hughson to become second on the all time QAFL goal kicking ladder.
Click here for a bit of nostalgia. The year was 2009.

Personalities of the future
Post Humaist Footy Click here

1996 Personalities
2016 celebrates the twentieth anniversary of footy's holy grail - a ThreePeat in one day! In 1996, our farewell season to the Gold Coast Australian Football League, our Seniors, Ressies and Colts won flags on the hallowed turf of the Cattery. The photo in the slider above is the senior squad of the day. Click here for an expanded view with names attached. Crank up the zoom.
We have also developed a self explanatory summary of the 1996 season in four parts. In them you will find familiar and legendary names associated with the club. A good read will get your knowledge of this rare achievement up to speed for the reunion. Click here for Part I, here for Part II, here for Part III, and here for Part IV. You may need to zoom to read the newspaper clippings.
Part I references a 1996 Grand Final Day Cats Whisper. Click here for selected pages of that document with August and Sept lead-in scores, goals and best players for all three grades.
If you have any memorabilla, particularly of the Ressies and Colts, let's know and we can add to our archives. Any discrepancies between documents, archives and memories may be attributed to the Bully, alcohol or tired eyes of today's or yesteryears' generation.

Having read all that you might be interested in the document about our entry into the QAFL in 1997. This was published on the web site mid season 2015. Click here

The Cult of Personality. Click here

Craigie.D. Click here

The Bloke who ran 320 half marathons, half the time going backwards: Murray Williams. Click here

100 more: Taylor Haley. Click here

100 UP: Nathan Quick. Click here

The Shadow's mate. Click here

All the talk on Fletcher and his 400th had us thinking. This article from the Bulletin in 1994 or 95 says it all about the big gamers at Broady.
The mentioned Percy Baker on 230 games is still the Club Patron. Click here

I think and breathe Football, therefore I am"  Who am I? Click here for the pdf version

The Accurate One and her Coach? Click here

A Richmond Thug. Click here

A Tassie Tiger Blue. Click here

A Bit About BA. Click here

Supporter of the Moment. Click here

The Peoples' Channel

 CATS TV by  jucheyproductions (with graphics by Adriana Lambert), a Jaran Pantic, inspired, directed, filmed and produced series of insights into players, their training activities, love lives, religious practices, eating habits, politics and hair products.

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