Annual Ball. 30 July $130 all-up. Classy venue, Classy dress, Classy Club. Click here for Classy Poster, full details and Classy ticket sales contact Allen.


Twenty five years in Broadbeach; 20 year sponsor at BSAFC; and about to be Marios at Broadbeach Sports Club. The Cinammon Hut has ceased trading -  See below for food arrangements in the interim.


Forget Led Zeppelin, this is the stairway to heaven. All three boxes now have stairways, are wired and internal fixing should be ready by Sunday's game. Click here for some more images including internal perspectives.


Take a bow Catters. And you too Nev.


1996 Triple Premiership commemorative stubbie holders now available for $5 at the clubrooms. They feature a styliised premiers poster and Scores, Goals and Best for each of the Seniors, Reserves and Colts games.


Rubik's Cube characters: Taster of images to come of all the player functions 2016.


1996 Week 13: Felici continued on his merry way with 10 sausage rolls  (22 in 3 successive games). We  got  home by the  odd 166  points. (The Tiges had demolished Robina by 285 pts the week before).  The Magoos achieved the ultimate defensive aspiration in denying Robina a look-­‐in.  This far in and neither the Magoos nor Colts had tasted defeat!   


We have the DVD of the Seniors Grand Final; Seniors Team Photo; Seniors Premiership Medallion, Finals Edition of the Cats Whisper and Bulletin Images for 1996 season. Please get out the storage boxes and have a look.

What The?

Billy O'Donnell. Click here

Click here

 End of Financial Year Round, Election Day Round, and Third Bye Round,
So it's bye to the ATO for 15-16; bye to The Zinger hello to Nick; and bye to all the away sides. Winners will be the Beagles, Port, SUNs, Bloods, Blues, Dees

Wayne now has a new knee and a clogged sytem. His mate Wheelie Dave has advised the GCCC to ready for an overload on the reticulated system.

Has been consigned to the PERSONALITIES tab

Just when we thought that Hawthorn couldn't come up with a worse jumper......

We are informed that Pierce Fitzgerald, one of the Magoos players who turned it on yesterday, is a Rugby Union man from Bond Uni. Friend of Sharpie's. And he is game to play next Sunday.

"Rugby League is a simple game played by simple people. Rugby Union is a complex game played by Wankers." We, of course, would never use the term 'game' to describe either mob activity.

Makes All-time Brisbane Lions team. Tink is in the best 6 forwards alongside the likes of Brown and Bradshaw. Click here for the full team.

2016 QAFL, QWAFL and Colts Games

Current Seniors Ladder

Current QWAFA Ladder

Current Reserves Ladder

Current Colts Ladder

RESULTS: See QAFL results link above masthead for all results. Click on link, then click RESULTS for Seniors, Reserves, QWAFA or Colts

2016 Fixtures
Click here for QAFL Fixture and here for Broadbeach games.

Click here for QWAFA Fixture

Click here for Colts Fixture

THIS WEEK SUNDAY July 3 at Ord Minnett
9.30am Colts v Southport
11.30am Reserves v Surfers
2pm Seniors v Surfers
BWFC : Saturday 2 July v Bond Uni at Bond Uni

2pm Sunday 3 July Broadbeach v Surfers
Senior Squad (To be Finalised): 
  Mullins,O'Donnell, Nelson, Nibbs, Dineen I, Palmer,  Quick (c),  Dienjes D,  Dienjes R, Chadwick Hawk, Lancaster,  Nutting,  Neal, Sharp, Upton,  Backman,  Searl, Rolfe, O'Shea, Platell, Erickson, Fitzsimmons, King, Price and Finn
INs: Platell, Price, King, Erickson (Sthport) Fitzsimmons OUTs: TBA

11.30am Sunday 3 July Broadbeach v Surfers
Magoos Squad (To be Finalised)
  Price, Chadwick Dylan, Malone, Kennedy (c), McCaulay, Tiffin,  Edwards, Sharp, O'Reilly, Brewer, McCormick, O'Keefe, Pecotich, Macauley,  Dempsey-Che, Essam, Fitzgerald, Fulton, Kavic, King, Klessens, O'Rourke, Stollery, Wallace, Winder, Wilson

2pm Sat  2 July Bond Uni v Broadbeach  at Bond
Squad (To be Finalised):
Bristow, Bright, Bijkerk, Cooke, Collins, Daniels, Davis,  Harper, Ffewkes, Gross,  Harris, Filmore, Marsh, Lotter, McClelland, Mirfield, Scott, Klyn, Turner

9.30am SUnday 3 July COLTS  Broadbeach v Southport
Squad (To be Finalised):  Littlechild, Dickinson,  Thompson, Henderson J,  Henderson B,  Madeley, Carthew-Zimmer, Prewett,   Rolfe,  Hohns,  Summers-Hog, Wakeman, Dinnen O,  Melverton,
Under 17s Smith, Roberts, Ridley, Waldie,
INs: Melverton, Smith, Roberts, Ridley, Waldie, OUTs: Stevenson, Gamble A, Kerr

 Click here for For Season archive of Teams and Results

Memberships, Menu, Events and Specials

The Broadbeach Sports Club is celebrating its new look club after renovations finished this week.
The impressive club offers a great new menu, expansive space that will treat sports fans to an unprecedented viewing experience. Featuring new TV`s everywhere you look and the soon to be opened QTAB in the form of UBET.
Entertainment and dancing are part of the party plan at the sports bar and bistro too. Live music, karaoke, happy hour, lots of sportsman’s lunches and dinners also a great place to celebrate your birthday, work function or Christmas party.
“We are very excited about this new look concept to the club “says new General Manager Craig Devonport.
“We’ve created a venue that appeals to a diverse crowd including family’s, Sports fans, music enthusiasts and food lovers. We offer an upscale atmosphere with very moderate menu (see below) and bar prices. The new menu has a range of temping new dishes in addition we have daily meal specials”
Broadbeach Sports Club will also be having a fun-filled happy hour that will run Monday to Friday from 6pm – 7pm with various drink specials available.
“We will also be hosting many sports related and community based events.

When it comes to the live sporting action The Broadbeach Sports Club has it covered”

Kuma finished on Saturday night which has paved the way for Mario's to start their renovations.
During this 2 - 3 week period Mario's has offered the service of a special delivery system to the club for guests wanting to have lunch or dinner.
Menus from Mario's will be at the ordering desk and the friendly bar staff will gladly take your orders and ring it through.
With a maximum of 30 minutes for the food to be delivered.


With the over whelming success of ticket sales for the legends lunch the event is fully sold out.

Payment now needs to be made by Friday the 17th of June to secure your seat.
With a massive wait list of people wanting to get in it is important payment is made.
Call Craig at the club to arrange payment ASAP.



From Near and Far

Perko, what you didn't know.
Click here

Fults, 637 and the past
Noticed the Bully hopped on Fults re his Robina comeback. Reminded us of the day he went in front of Ray Hughson to become second on the all time QAFL goal kicking ladder.
Click here for a bit of nostalgia. The year was 2009.

Personalities of the future
Post Humaist Footy Click here

1996 Personalities
2016 celebrates the twentieth anniversary of footy's holy grail - a ThreePeat in one day! In 1996, our farewell season to the Gold Coast Australian Football League, our Seniors, Ressies and Colts won flags on the hallowed turf of the Cattery. The photo in the slider above is the senior squad of the day. Click here for an expanded view with names attached. Crank up the zoom.
We have also developed a self explanatory summary of the 1996 season in four parts. In them you will find familiar and legendary names associated with the club. A good read will get your knowledge of this rare achievement up to speed for the reunion. Click here for Part I, here for Part II, here for Part III, and here for Part IV. You may need to zoom to read the newspaper clippings.
Part I references a 1996 Grand Final Day Cats Whisper. Click here for selected pages of that document with August and Sept lead-in scores, goals and best players for all three grades.
If you have any memorabilla, particularly of the Ressies and Colts, let's know and we can add to our archives. Any discrepancies between documents, archives and memories may be attributed to the Bully, alcohol or tired eyes of today's or yesteryears' generation.

Having read all that you might be interested in the document about our entry into the QAFL in 1997. This was published on the web site mid season 2015. Click here

The Cult of Personality. Click here

Craigie.D. Click here

The Bloke who ran 320 half marathons, half the time going backwards: Murray Williams. Click here

100 more: Taylor Haley. Click here

100 UP: Nathan Quick. Click here

The Shadow's mate. Click here

All the talk on Fletcher and his 400th had us thinking. This article from the Bulletin in 1994 or 95 says it all about the big gamers at Broady.
The mentioned Percy Baker on 230 games is still the Club Patron. Click here

I think and breathe Football, therefore I am"  Who am I? Click here for the pdf version

The Accurate One and her Coach? Click here

A Richmond Thug. Click here

A Tassie Tiger Blue. Click here

A Bit About BA. Click here

Supporter of the Moment. Click here

The Peoples' Channel

 CATS TV by  jucheyproductions (with graphics by Adriana Lambert), a Jaran Pantic, inspired, directed, filmed and produced series of insights into players, their training activities, love lives, religious practices, eating habits, politics and hair products.

Now Playing Episode 3. Click on the CATs TV remote

Archive Episodes
Episode 1. Click here
Epsidoe 2. Click here