And you all thought that Ali was honouring the Olympics in '96!


Retirees post game.   Travis is ordering a beer; Scotty's trying to attract some female uni students; Hales is txting the education dept with apologies for Monday; Tim's waiting for the ice to melt so he can put on his shoes; and Lobba is planning for 2017. The Magoos time keeper is relaxing after a taxing game. Players Kerr, Woof and Hobley were violently ill in the rooms.


1996 Triple Premiership commemorative stubbie holders now available for $5 at the clubrooms. They feature a styliised premiers poster and Scores, Goals and Best for each of the Seniors, Reserves and Colts games.


Jaran Pantic 2011 QAFL Reserves Grand Final: Broadbeach def Morningside. Pants_J/Jazz is retiring on Saturday. See below.


Out of Retirement   Standing: Peter Kerr, Lobba, Scotty, Travis, Hales   Seated: Tim and Woofa  Absent: Nathan Hobley     Clearly taken before the game!

What The?


A liking for students? A week after taking on the University of Queensland in the QAFL, Connor Nutting and Jesse Esam have been selected in the SUNs side to play Sydney University in the NEAFL Elimination Final. (Thanks for the tip Ash)

A successful season by all measures except winning the 'Big Dance'. The Colts played 2 finals and given alternative playing policy and management with regard to Micah Fitzsimmons and Matt Smith, could have gone all the way. Competition policy of 1 game for Qld U/18s disqualifying Colts representation also appears a bit harsh (Kai Sheers).  But Mayo, Steve Littlechild, Dicko et Al  and his team deserve the plaudits for a fine season.
They had to work hard to field teams. Whilst their playing list of 58 compares favourably with the Magoos 102, it is likely more difficult to find colt aged players than to put open aged mates in a jumper and ask 'em to stand next to someone else. Of the 58, twenty eight players had 3 or less games implying a 'core' group of less than 30 which is a remarkable number. JD played all H&A plus 2 finals while Carthew-Zimmer, Ben Henderson, Sam Littlechild, Mitch Madeley and Jock Thompson knocked up 17 (15+2) and Chandler Rolfe totalled 16. Many of those blokes were also selected or doubled up for the Ressies, prominently O'Reilly, Wallace, Wilson, Littlechild, McCormick, Nelson and Pecotich. Nine players had senior experience with Lancaster and O'Shea regular selections while James Pecotich split his time across the three sides. (The 11 colts aged players who had seniors games included Joel Platell and Connor Nutting who did not play any colts games.)
Leading goal kickers were Lancaster and Cartew-Zimmer with 19 in 7 and 17 games respectively. O'Shea, Rayner and Rolfe all chipped in with double figures. Eerily similar to the seniors and ressies the colts averaged 10 goals/game.
Click here for the colts stats.

In keeping with the actions of the North coach, BA dropped a bombshell last night when he refused to extend the playing careers of Peter Kerr, Filthy Phil, Kooka, Tim Searl, Travis Johnson, Taylor Haley and Woofa. He also made it clear to Lobba that if he insists on playing he had better find another club. The jury is still out on Scotty Abercrombie's future - we like white line fever blokes!

Bosto selected in NEAFL Team of the Year on a half forward flank, plus he ran equal third in the MVP Award as voted by coaches and umpires.

We had a competitive season of footy. Put it down to the coaches and effort of some core players because the general stats indicate we should not have been pressing for a finals berth in either of the seniors or reserves. Indeed on its own the number of players who wore a Broadie jumper this season (52 for the seniors and 102 for the Ressies, 40 of whom had a game in the seniors) suggests we had no right to have any structure, stability, or fellow player awareness in either side. That turnover of players resulted in 21 debutante players in the seniors and 55 in the reserves.
The seniors had three blokes who played every game (Hawk Chadwick, Neal, Dienjes D) and 4 who missed only 1 game (Quickie, Searly, Brayde and Backman). there were only 20 players who clocked up 9 or more games (50% of the season). Eleven colts aged players (includes 3 U/17s) got a gig, while the Academy contributed 10 games and 6 S'port draft players  kicked in with 11 games. We averaged 12 goals/game with 6 players kicking 10 or more to support Harry Kerr's leading total of 36 - not a bad return for a bloke who played 12.
The reserves did not have a player to turn in a full season. The Dragon added to the Chadwick legend with 17 of the possible 18. Only eight put in 9 or more games.  Thirty colts or under age players had games and forty had senior experience during the season and 4 blokes over 50 ran out across the line including Kooka who was at the club door in 1972 and Filthy Phil who played in the '87 seniors premiership. The academy and PNG contributed 13 games over the season. The ressies managed to average 10 goals/game led by Luke O'Rourke with 25 and 3 who scored double figures.
It has to be said that these numbers suggest a merry-go-round season of near ridiculous proportions particulary the reserves. It also highlights that our draft S'port players played no significant role, indeed we probably contributed as much to NEAFL as they did to us. On the bright side there is a cohort of colts with open age experience who will benefit. Many of those will no doubt be looking to higher honours next season, but they will retain a 'Broadbeach home' attachment that may prove useful in the future - they will always be welcome. Plus the turnover within the open age sides unearthed some likely prospects. It may also be observed that the coaches and officials did a mighty job in ensuring a team ran out each week and in the main achieved the implausible of testing our opposition on a regular basis. And that Lobba learned a lot of new names.
PS While a few represented the club in the three grades (Lancaster, O'Shea, Fitzsimmons, Wallace), and Connor Nutting and Joel Platell played seniors, ressies and Qld U/17s, Matt Smith represented Broadie in 4 grades: seniors, reserves, colts and under 17s
Click here for the seniors stats and here for the reserves stats. 

The women played 29 players for the season with only two playing a full complement of 13 games: Holly Mirfeild (skipper) and Gemma Turnley. Unfortunately they lined up under strength on a couple of occasions. Goal kicker was Rhea Lotter with 13 from 5 games. Unfortunately the goal kicking machine returned to Melbourne after Round 6.
Click here for full details. Feel free to use your zoom function

2016 QAFL, QWAFL and Colts Games

Current Seniors Ladder

Current QWAFA Ladder

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Current Colts Ladder

RESULTS: See QAFL results link above masthead for all results. Click on link, then click RESULTS for Seniors, Reserves, QWAFA or Colts

2016 Fixtures
Click here for QAFL Fixture and here for Broadbeach games.

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2pm Sat 20 Aug  UQ v Broadbeach at UQ
Senior Squad (Yet to be announced): 
  Mullins, Dineen I, Palmer,  Dienjes D,  Chadwick Hawk,   Neal,  Backman,  Rolfe, Searl, Royes,  Kavic, Kennedy  Finn, Nutting, Pollard, Kerr, Fitzsimmons, Price, O'Rourke, Pantic J, Platell,
OUTs: Backman, Sharp, Sheers, Strong INs:Esam, Platell, O'Rourke, Pantic J
UQ   24  12  153 def Broadbeach 14  9  93
Goals: C. Nutting 3, H. Kerr 2, R. Finn, C. Mullins, J. Esam, T. Rolfe, B. Chadwick, N. Quick, B. Neal, J. Searl, M. Kavic
Best: J. Searl, B. Palmer, C. Nutting, B. Chadwick, S. Price, J. Esam
Retirements: After this game Jaran Pantic's boots will be hung in the laundry never to be cleaned again
What can we say? Beaten on the day in a most uninteresting game of footy made confusing by some decision inconsistency?  Esam exudes class? That's twice we have succumbed to UQ in the final round at their dung heap.
None-the-less thanks to coaches and players for the season. Some exhilarating and depressiing moments. Silly Sunday will be some sort of relief although our preference would be for a new season to kick-off now, something like the old night series at the lake Oval for sides not contesting the finals.
Season stats will be on show as soon as we can collect and collate.

11.30am Sat 20 Aug  UQ v Broadbeach at UQ
Magoos Squad:
  Abercrombie,  Backman, Boakye, Brewer,  Chadwick Dylan,  Fitzgerald, Haley, Hyland,  Jones, Kern, King,  Manzcal, Moshie - Thomas, Nibbs, Ratford, O'Keefe, Tiffin, Turner, Weuffen, Berner, Edwards, Fisher B, 
INs: Haley, Hyland, Weuffen, Backman, Tiffin OUTs: The Old Blokes
UQ  29  17  191 Broadbeach 10  8  68
Goals: T. Haley 4, T. Brewer 3, C. Moscher-Thomas , B. Fisher, D. Chadwick
Best: D. King, K. Boakye, C. Moscher-Thomas , D. Chadwick, T. Johnson
This game while not pretty, illustrated a tenacity not often seen in the ranks of a senior competition. Lobby and his cohort have struggled to field sides all season - at times there have been feeble excuses - and yet we have not once yielded to a walkover. The team yesterday exemplified this spirit with blokes pulling on the jumper just because we are Broadbeach. Club volunteers Travis Johnson, Nathan Hobley, Tim Searl, Lobby (coach) and Scotty (Assistant coach) were joined by Taylor Haley, Moshie-Thomas, Pierce Fitzgerald, Grenato Braden?? (someone's mate), Woofa and Peter Kerr, father of Harry.  Peter drives from the Sunshine coast each week to watch Harry play in the ones, and he is not exactly in his prime having celebrated his 35th birthday for the last 25 years.  Many thanks to these and others, numbering over the ton, in their efforts to avoid besmirching the club. With one proviso: Tim Searl's kick out from full back!  Should also relate that everyone was on board, even BA had a waterboy shirt on!  Well done all.

9.15am Sat 20 Aug Southport v Broadbeach at S'port
Squad :  Littlechild, Dickinson,  Thompson, Hohns, Henderson B,  Madeley,  McCormick, Summers-Hogg, Rolfe,  Dinnen O,  Pecotich,  Carthew-Zimmer, Stevenson,  Lancaster, O'Shea, Nelson, O'Reilly,  Gambell M, Bensley, Wallace, Wilson
OUTs: Smith
Southport   13  7  85  def Broadbeach  10  11 71
Goals: J. O''Shea 3, D. Lancaster 2, C. Rolfe 2, M. Hohns, L. Nelson, Z. Somers-Hogg
Best: J. Pecotich, J. O''Shea, D. Lancaster, M. Gambell, B. Wallace, L. Nelson
Well in front at the halfway mark, the Darkside had to bring their A game to knock over a determined Broadie with a weakened bench in the last stanza. They were able to rotate their midfielders through the midfield while we plugged injury gaps.
No player ever gave up and Coach Mayo was extremely proud of the performance on the day and throughout the season, particularly in the context of scratching for sides on the Friday nights. Great season lads.  And well done to Mayo and Steve Littlechild.

Click here for For Season archive of Teams and Results

Memberships, Menu, Events and Specials

The Broadbeach Sports Club is celebrating its many changes over the past few months.
The impressive club offers a great new menu, expansive space that will treat sports fans to an unprecedented viewing experience. Featuring new TV`s everywhere you look and the soon to be opened QTAB in the form of UBET.
Entertainment and dancing are part of the party plan at the sports bar and bistro too. Live music, karaoke, happy hour, lots of sportsman’s lunches and dinners also a great place to celebrate your birthday, work function or Christmas party.

“We are very excited about this new look concept to the club “says new General Manager Craig Devonport.

“We’ve created a venue that appeals to a diverse crowd including family’s, Sports fans, music enthusiasts and food lovers. We offer an upscale atmosphere with very moderate menu (see below) and bar prices. The new menu has a range of temping new dishes in addition we have daily meal specials”

“We will also be hosting many sports related and community based events.

When it comes to the live sporting action The Broadbeach Sports Club has it covered”


After 25 years on the Gold Coast Mario’s Italian Restaurant has now opened up a second restaurant Mario’s Bistro right here at the Broadbeach Sports Club! They will be open 7 days a week from 4:30pm and Saturday/Sunday lunches starting from 12pm. Come and join us to enjoy some of the best Italian food Broadbeach has to offer. Book your table today on (07) 5572 3255.

- performed by Steve Cummings

Don’t miss your chance to see amazing show with all your favourite classics from the Aussie legend.

Tickets are limited and selling quick so come see us at the bar or give us a call to secure yours today.



From Near and Far

Sealy 100
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Perko, what you didn't know.
Click here

Fults, 637 and the past
Noticed the Bully hopped on Fults re his Robina comeback. Reminded us of the day he went in front of Ray Hughson to become second on the all time QAFL goal kicking ladder.
Click here for a bit of nostalgia. The year was 2009.

Personalities of the future
Post Humaist Footy Click here

1996 Personalities
2016 celebrates the twentieth anniversary of footy's holy grail - a ThreePeat in one day! In 1996, our farewell season to the Gold Coast Australian Football League, our Seniors, Ressies and Colts won flags on the hallowed turf of the Cattery. The photo in the slider above is the senior squad of the day. Click here for an expanded view with names attached. Crank up the zoom.
We have also developed a self explanatory summary of the 1996 season in four parts. In them you will find familiar and legendary names associated with the club. A good read will get your knowledge of this rare achievement up to speed for the reunion. Click here for Part I, here for Part II, here for Part III, and here for Part IV. You may need to zoom to read the newspaper clippings.
Part I references a 1996 Grand Final Day Cats Whisper. Click here for selected pages of that document with August and Sept lead-in scores, goals and best players for all three grades.
If you have any memorabilla, particularly of the Ressies and Colts, let's know and we can add to our archives. Any discrepancies between documents, archives and memories may be attributed to the Bully, alcohol or tired eyes of today's or yesteryears' generation.

Having read all that you might be interested in the document about our entry into the QAFL in 1997. This was published on the web site mid season 2015. Click here

The Cult of Personality. Click here

Craigie.D. Click here

The Bloke who ran 320 half marathons, half the time going backwards: Murray Williams. Click here

100 more: Taylor Haley. Click here

100 UP: Nathan Quick. Click here

The Shadow's mate. Click here

All the talk on Fletcher and his 400th had us thinking. This article from the Bulletin in 1994 or 95 says it all about the big gamers at Broady.
The mentioned Percy Baker on 230 games is still the Club Patron. Click here

I think and breathe Football, therefore I am"  Who am I? Click here for the pdf version

The Accurate One and her Coach? Click here

A Richmond Thug. Click here

A Tassie Tiger Blue. Click here

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 CATS TV by  jucheyproductions (with graphics by Adriana Lambert), a Jaran Pantic, inspired, directed, filmed and produced series of insights into players, their training activities, love lives, religious practices, eating habits, politics and hair products.

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